Special thanks to American donors

Special thanks to American donors

A major thanks to all our American friends who help and support us in such a generous way regarding our work for the children and Nepalese families, with a special word of gratitude to Brad and Laetitia who are particularly active in endeavor

Our work essentially helps :

– orphans at their orphanges which are located in Chitwan in the south of Nepal
– Nepalese families
– Laprak, a mountain village near Pokhara, which was completely destroyed by the earthquake and where we know many families.

Accompanying Nepalese children and Nepalese families in order to help them acquire a certain autonomy (food, medical care, schooling…) and to reach a decent standard of living are the values which drive us.

Your donations are precious to us. With your help it is worth knowing $400 allows a child to receive quality education for one year. With $50 per month, a child can eat and dress correctly and $17 allows a child to get a pair of glasses.

We are a small association and your donations go directly to the Nepalese children and families thanks to the help of trusting Nepalese acquaintances. We travel to Nepal for a month or two at least once a year in order to finalize the work in our presence.

Again, thank you for helping them.

Sylvie and Patrick

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